Cicis Pizza, the leading all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, has announced the launch of its latest limited-time offer: the OREO Brownie Pizza. Crafted by Cicis’ very own culinary genius, C.C. Pazzini, the OREO Brownie Pizza will be available on the buffet from Monday, April 22 through Sunday, June 2, and available online for just $6.99.

The OREO Brownie Pizza combines the signature flavors of OREO cookie crumbles and a warm, gooey brownie base, drizzled with Cicis’ signature sweet icing.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the OREO Brownie Pizza to our loyal guests,” says Jeff Hetsel, President of Cicis. “The combination of brownies and signature OREO cookies showcases our dedication to innovation and reinforces our reputation for quality and creativity. We are confident that our fans will appreciate the blend of flavors in this exceptional dessert pizza while we continue to make our guest’s pizza wishes come true.”

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