Punchh,a brand-centric mobile customer engagement platform for restaurants, announced a new partnership with CiCi’s, a Coppell, Texas–based, buffet-style restaurant famous for its unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, soup, and dessert. Punchh will develop a loyalty app that will allow CiCi’s fans to collect punches each time they visit and earn a free buffet at any of the restaurant’s nearly 450 locations.

With its cloud-based, POS-integrated mobile CRM platform, Punchh will help CiCi’s to better engage guests more frequently. The Punchh platform paints a detailed picture of clientele including who they are, what orders they are placing, which friends they are referring, and offers they are redeeming. By providing CiCi’s with segmentation capabilities, this partnership hopes to achieve an incremental boost in sales, increased engagement on social media, word of mouth referrals, and return traffic.

“We’re working with CiCi’s to create a program that will allow the family-friendly restaurant to connect with their guests on a deeper level,” says Vic Mahadevan, CEO of Punchh. “Punchh’s mobile platform will provide CiCi’s with insights about its customers’ personal tastes that can result in better customer service and happier guests.”

“CiCi’s is moving into the digital space as part of our new feeding individuality positioning. We are working to connect with our guests in ways that makes it more convenient to them,” says Sarah McAloon, CMO of CiCi’s. “The mobile app is one of our first launches along with a new website and our first year of digital media.”

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