Industry News | May 27, 2011

Cinnabon Asks Customers to Take a "ReTreat"

Cinnabon is providing customizable options with a new line of blended beverages and new flavored frostings, available for a limited time.

The new Creamy ReTreat is an exclusive blend of premium Oreo cookies, a hint of vanilla, and ribbons of Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.

Back by popular demand, Cinnabon bakeries are offering a low-fat, dairy-free frozen blended lemonade. These Tangy ReTreats are available in lemon, raspberry, and orange-mango flavors and served with Cinnabon signature flavored syrup swirls.

Cinnabon also is introducing three new flavors of its classic cream cheese frosting. Available in classic cream cheese, raspberry, orange, and strawberry, the frostings can be paired with the company’s most portable snacks—as a dip for Cinnabon Stix or as a topping for Center of the Roll.

“Cinnabon is proud to be known for more pleasure per bite than any other snacks on the market, and this continues to be true with the refreshing, but still irresistibly delicious, summer offerings,” says Kat Cole, Cinnabon president. “We’re inviting guests to ‘ReTreat’ with one of our creamy, fruity, or tangy frozen beverages.

“In addition, our new flavored frostings provide an escape from the ordinary by allowing guests to customize their experience. They can top, dip, blend, and enjoy the flavors however they prefer!”

The Creamy ReTreat, Tangy Lemonade ReTreats, and flavored frostings will be available now through September 3. For more information on these limited-time offers or to find a location near you, visit

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