Cinnabon, Inc. recently signed its largest franchise agreement since its 1985 founding, enabling consumers in the Philippines and Japan to satisfy their desire for American-style bakery goods at an abundance of locations. In its quest for world-wide growth, Cinnabon agreed with Manila-based Southwest Maritime Corporation to place 70 new outlets in the Philippines, while an agreement with Sugakico Systems establishes 60 new bakeries in central Japan.

Cinnabon has expanded its domestic and international presence since AFC Enterprises acquired the brand last October. In 1999, the company signed agreements to build 351 bakeries, 267 of which are located outside of the U.S. Other recent international agreements expand the brand to 9 countries in the Middle East, Caribbean, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

“Cinnabon’s great crave appeal and its world-wide market leadership has fueled this phenomenal demand,” said Gregg Kaplan, president of Cinnabon. AFC has so much confidence in this all-important appeal that in this, its first year of ownership, more than 50 new Cinnabon locations will open in the U.S. and abroad.

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