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    Cinnabon Now Brewing Coffee With Cinnamon Roll Flavor

  • Industry News February 9, 2012

    Cinnabon bakeries are now serving up the world famous cinnamon roll flavor in coffee. Now through May 20, Cinnabon Flavored Coffee Chillatta and Cinnabon Flavored Iced Coffee are available at participating bakeries.

    The Cinnabon Flavored Iced Coffee has hints of brown sugar, vanilla, and Makara cinnamon, making it the most bon-like coffee yet. The Cinnabon Flavored Coffee Chillatta is a frozen, blended beverage that contains Makara cinnamon and vanilla flavors blended with a ribbon of caramel and topped with whipped cream.

    “These new specialty beverage flavors give our guests an additional opportunity to enjoy the Cinnabon flavor they love,” says Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon. “Whether it is blended or over ice, the Cinnabon coffee flavor is sure to wow taste buds.”

    The suggested retail price of the Cinnabon Flavored Iced Coffee is $1.99 (16 oz.) and $2.29 (24 oz.), and the Cinnabon Flavored Coffee Chillatta is $3.99 (16 oz.) and $4.49 (24 oz.).

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