Between now and November 5 at participating bakeries, Cinnabon invites guests to “Fall in Love” with creamy caramel and a crispy churro.

Caramel flavor will be offered as a topping for the company’s Center of the Roll or an addition to its creamy Mocha Chillatta. The new Carmel Mocha Chillatta is a premium beverage pick-me-up made with real coffee, chocolate, swirls of caramel, and whipped cream topping. The Caramel Center of the Roll consists of bite-sized pieces of baked sweet dough featuring Makara Cinnamon, brown sugar, and caramel smear, and smothered with cream cheese frosting and caramel topping.

Back by popular demand, Cinnabon added the Cinnamon Churro for $1.99, or customers can add a second one for $1 more. Perfect for holding in one hand and carrying shopping bags in the other, the Cinnabon version of this favorite Mexican delight is a sweet, doughnut dough with a Makara cinnamon filling and dusted with sugar and cinnamon.

“We’ve heard from our fans that they like portable, on-the-go treats, and the Center of the Roll and the Cinnabon Churro both fit this category,” says Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon. “Additionally, we are providing a value to our guests by combining more options of their favorite baked goods with our signature coffee.”

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