Cinnaholic, a gourmet cinnamon roll bakery acclaimed for serving innovative creations, is on-track to almost double its presence in North America this year.

Underscoring the strength of Cinnaholic’s franchise growth initiative during the first half of the year, the Atlanta-based company inked a master franchise development deal that will result in 30 new locations throughout Texas. Plus, franchise agreements have been completed for Orlando (five locations) and for three stores in Northern California. Also highlighting the brand’s momentum and appeal with investors, Cinnaholic recently expanded internationally with four stores in Canada and has opened U.S. stores in California, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina already this year. 

Notably, Cinnaholic began 2018 with 76 locations in development; it closes out its second quarter with 136 in development, an increase of 79 percent. 

“To say we’re ‘on a roll’ is an understatement,” says Florian Radke, co-founder of Cinnaholic. “This has been an incredible growth-year for us—and we’re only half-way through. After proving our concept to be a hit with consumers, franchisees and industry insiders, we’ve been able to significantly grow the Cinnaholic footprint and become a highly sought-after franchise opportunity, both at home and internationally.”

Existing Cinnaholic franchisees agree.

“Following great success with our first Cinnaholic store in the Dallas-area, entering a master development agreement to develop 30 additional locations across Texas became a strategic move that we felt the brand was well-positioned for given the performance of our location,” says AB Tiffee. “We couldn’t be more pleased with our initial investment and our decision to further expand.”

Cinnaholic, which began franchising in 2014, gained national attention after the company was featured on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” The brand was recently named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top New Franchises of 2018” list, highlighting the brand’s unique and attractive franchise opportunity. 

As a vegan and gourmet bakery using only the highest quality ingredients, Cinnaholic’s success is rooted in its alignment with today’s conscious consumption trends; and, as consumers lean increasingly towards organizations with which they share values, the brand is uniquely positioned for continued growth.

“Beyond just the great-tasting products, our customers seek out Cinnaholic because of our dedication to ethically and humanely sourced ingredients,” said Radke. “The trust we’ve built with consumers, along with our monumental growth in the first part of this year, allows us to focus growing our franchise opportunity in new markets.”

Also contributing to franchisees’ success is the relatively low cost of owning and operating a Cinnaholic location, specifically the small footprint (around 1,000 square feet) and low food and labor costs.  

As Cinnaholic sets its sights on further growth in 2018, it will continue to seek out qualified single-unit and multi-unit investors in a range of market sizes throughout California, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Washington, D.C. The flexible business model works well in upscale lifestyle centers, near college campuses, and major city centers.

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