Industry News | July 30, 2013

Cintas Aims to Make Even Restrooms Fashionable

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According to a recent study by the University of Loyola, Maryland, color can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. To help restaurants promote their brand image and improve cleanliness in restrooms, Cintas Corporation announced Signature Series, an innovative line of customizable, designer restroom dispensers and products that are offered in nine unique colors to help establish a cohesive brand image throughout any restaurant.

“The opportunity to promote your brand shouldn’t be limited to a logo, sign, or apparel, which is why we developed the Signature Series,” says Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing, Cintas. “With our colorful dispensers, restaurants can promote their image in a place where people least expect it—the restroom.”

The Signature Series collection includes soap dispensers, air fresheners, toilet paper dispensers, trash receptacles, and toilet seat cleaner systems to stylishly design an entire restroom. The sleek, functional design provides a sophisticated alternative to the standard, industrial look of commercial restrooms. With the variety of colors available, including indigo blue, pure white, raven black, lime green, tangerine orange, deep red, stone grey, sandstone, and brushed steel, the Signature Series line can be customized to fit any aesthetic—from the playful design of a family restroom to the bold interior of a quick-service restaurant.

Key features of Cintas’ Signature Series include:

• Superior design: With a unique, soft-coat finish that resists fingerprints, the Signature Series keeps restrooms looking clean even in high-traffic restaurants. Since the Signature Series has a non-textured, smooth surface, it can be quickly wiped down and requires very little maintenance. Options within the collection improve hygiene, such as the automatic soap dispenser, easy-to-use paper towel dispenser, and toilet seat cleaner.

• Improved expression: The multiple color options available in Cintas’ Signature Series allow facilities to express their unique brand image and company identity throughout restrooms. The flexibility of the Signature Series gives facilities the ability to mix-and-match dispensers for a unique look, or use one bold color for a more streamlined approach. Since the faceplates of the Signature Series are simple to change, restaurants can update their look as often as needed. If a restroom undergoes renovations or an upgrade, changing the Signature Series faceplates is a seamless process requiring no further installation. Additionally, multiple dispenser options allow restaurants to select the appropriate dispensers based on restroom usage and traffic levels.

• Weekly service: Each week, a Cintas professional visits the restaurant to monitor inventory levels, refill products, and replace batteries as needed, so Signature Series dispensers are always stocked and functioning. The weekly service option eliminates the guesswork associated with inventory control and allows restaurants to focus on the more important aspects of the business. There is no upfront inventory investment and weekly services are flexible to meet the changing or seasonal needs of the facility.

While the Signature Series is ideal for customer-facing, front-of-house restrooms, Cintas’ recently updated traditional line helps improve back-of-house appearance and operations. The sleek, streamlined collection of hygiene accessories offers features that make refilling easier, such as a universal key to help quickly unlock all dispensers. To help simplify inventory management, center-pull towel dispensers feature a new patent-pending, low-level indicator and refill windows to clearly display supply levels without opening the dispenser. With a combination of Signature Series and traditional line dispensers, restaurants can ensure each restroom promotes brand image and consistently provides hygiene products for guests and employees.

“Any type of restaurant that places an emphasis on details and promoting its brand image can benefit from the Signature Series,” Mesko says. “With a prominently displayed image and improved inventory management, restaurants can show their ongoing dedication to their guests’ experience.”

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