Cintas Corporation today launched a new floor traction treatment service for foodservice operations that helps prevent slips and falls. The service enhances the texture of floor surfaces, such as quarry tile, porcelain, and unglazed ceramic tile prevalent in foodservice facilities to improve slip resistance.

“No foodservice operator wants a slip-and-fall accident to happen, but the reality is that they occur every day,” says Ann Nickolas, senior director of Foodservice, Cintas. “A yearly traction treatment service substantially mitigates that risk, potentially saving customers thousands of dollars in injury or litigation costs.” 

Throughout daily foodservice operations, dirt and grease fill the grooves in the floor surface making it more slippery. Cintas’ traction treatment service enhances floor traction by creating micro-textures in the floor surface. 

To perform the traction treatment service, Cintas service professionals apply a specialized cleaning chemical across the floor to loosen the soils. They then agitate the surface using a special brush. 

The entire treatment takes less than an hour to complete and leaves floors available for immediate use. The service should be used in conjunction with a hard floor deep cleaning service to ensure floors remain in peak condition.

“Foodservice operators face enough challenges in their business to spend time worrying about a slip-and-fall accident,” Nickolas says. “When they use Cintas to clean and protect their floors, they have the peace of mind that they are using a program that will help protect their patrons, staff, and business.” 

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