Carl’s Jr., widely known for pushing television advertising to the edge, will introduce yet another example on May 19, with the launch of a much-anticipated ad starring Paris Hilton. Behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the ad for The Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger will premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, May 17.
In the 30-second spot, Hilton is shown eating The Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger while washing a Bentley in her swimsuit. Adweek magazine has labeled the ad “too hot for TV,” but the star herself simply characterized it as “hot.”

“Paris was chosen to star in the ad because she is an intriguing cultural icon and the ‘it girl’ of the moment. She fascinates Carl’s Jr.’s most loyal customers, ‘young, hungry guys,’ as well as ‘young, hungry gals,’” says Brad Haley, Carl’s Jr. executive vice president of marketing. “The ad plays more like a music video than a typical television commercial. And the message is very simple: Paris, the situation, and the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger are ‘hot.’“

The Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger is currently being sold at Carl’s Jr. restaurants, and sister chain Hardee’s will begin selling its version of the product, The Spicy BBQ Thickburger, in mid-June.

On May 19, both Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s will launch newly redesigned web sites showcasing the Paris Hilton ad as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Haley promises site visitors a fun, interactive environment. “There will be opportunities to see and do things on the sites that aren’t available on traditional fast-food web sites and, of course, we will be the only source for the ‘too hot for TV’ version of the Paris Hilton ad,” he says. The new sites can be found online at and

The ad was created by Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s advertising agency, Mendelsohn|Zien, in Los Angeles. The agency is the developer of many popular iconic ads for the Carl’s Jr. chain, including the “If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” campaign from the mid-90s and the more recent “Mechanical Bull” ad for Carl’s Jr.’s Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger.

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