Restaurants, Inc. announced today the appointment of Matthew
Goldfarb to the Board of Directors, filling the seat of Douglas Ammerman,
who announced his resignation in January 2006 and whose term expires at the
2007 annual shareholders’ meeting.

Mr. Goldfarb is a director and senior investment analyst at Pirate
Capital LLC, a significant stockholder of the Company. This appointment is
pursuant to an agreement, a copy of which is attached to the Company’s Form
8-K filed in conjunction with this release.

Mr. Byron Allumbaugh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Company, stated that “The Company is pleased with this appointment and
believes Mr. Goldfarb will be a positive addition to the Board of Directors
as the Company continues to execute its plans to generate growth and create
value for all stockholders. The Company’s management outlined these
strategic plans in its recent earnings conference call and in the script
attached to its recent 8-K filing.”

Mr. Goldfarb said, “I believe the management of CKE has done an
outstanding job of bringing the Company to where it is today and
positioning it for further success, and look forward to making a valuable
contribution to the continued success of the Company.”

Mr. Goldfarb’s appointment will be effective as of the next regularly
scheduled Board meeting, which is expected to be in late June. See the
Company’s Form 8-K filed in conjunction herewith.

Andrew F. Puzder, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We’ve
significantly improved CKE’s operating performance and balance sheet in
recent years. Now, as we transition from our turnaround phase to a growth
phase, we look forward to Mr. Goldfarb’s contributions to the Company’s
future success.”

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