CKE Restaurants, Inc. and Coca-Cola Fountain today announced several changes to their partnership with a new 5-year agreement, extending their more than 20-year relationship.

Under the terms of the agreements, Coca-Cola Fountain, the division of The Coca-Cola Company that serves the restaurant and foodservice industry, will become: the approved soft drink beverage supplier for Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and Timber Lodge Steakhouse; the approved soft drink beverage supplier for La Salsa effective March 1, 2003; the new, exclusive bottled water supplier (Dasani and Dannon) for all CKE brands; and the provider of good answer™, an innovative service that manages guest feedback, resolving issues and encouraging guests to return to the restaurant, for all CKE brands.

“Throughout the history of our relationship, Coca-Cola Fountain and CKE have worked closely together to develop marketing and product offerings that bring value to the company, our franchisees and our guests,” said Andy Puzder, president and chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants, Inc. “Extending our relationship with Coca-Cola Fountain was an opportunity to build on the strength of the Coca-Cola brands, as well as Coca-Cola Fountain’s infrastructure, to support our restaurant operations.”

“This agreement is the culmination of what can happen when two companies become business partners and look out for each other’s best interests while delivering against the consumers expectations,” said Scott Woodburn, vice-president for key accounts, Coca-Cola Fountain. “CKE has a strong portfolio of restaurant brands and is one of the most respected restaurant operators in the country. We are thrilled to not only continue, but expand, our relationship.”

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