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    Claim Jumper Selects VeriFone’s CarsidePAY

  • Industry News July 21, 2008
    VeriFone Holdings Inc. announced that the Claim Jumper Restaurants chain has joined the roster of restaurants using its ON THE SPOT payment system. Claim Jumper has VeriFone CarsidePAY installations underway at multiple locations and plans to deploy it along with VeriFone’s TablePAY solution at all 45 restaurants from California to the Midwest.

    Claim Jumper is using VeriFone’s Vx 670 point-of-service payment solution to improve operations and make card acceptance faster, easier, and safer. The car-side carryout business is one of the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing segments and with CarsidePAY, Claim Jumper servers can deliver the carryout order and accept card payment simultaneously, with the customer never losing sight of his or her card.

    Servers carry VeriFone’s compact, wireless ON THE SPOT device as they deliver orders to patrons waiting in their cars or at the table; then, patrons swipe their own credit cards on the device to pay for their meals. The system reduces the number of steps needed to close out checks and dramatically speeds up the entire payment process for servers and customers.

    The payment system provides protection from credit card fraud, which the Federal Trade Commission says is the most common form of identity theft. Wireless handheld payment systems allow customers to retain control of their cards at all times, reducing a restaurant’s risk. VeriFone systems use encryption and other security features to protect all financial data transacted over a restaurant’s Wi-Fi network.

    “Great service is paramount at all of our locations, so we are pleased to offer technology that can guarantee fast, efficient, and secure transactions to our pick up and dine-in customers,” says Ted Stathakis, Claim Jumper vice president of technology. “Customers are seeking convenience and speed when it comes to payment transactions and VeriFone’s solutions delivers that with maximum security.”

    “Claim Jumper knows that customers want great food and a great service, and that making transactions faster and smoother is a great way to improve service,” says Jeff Dumbrell, VeriFone senior vice president. “A secure transaction is important so customers can focus on the great food offered at Claim Jumper restaurants.”

    California-based Claim Jumper was founded in 1977 and has grown to include locations throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. The restaurant chain is recognized for its great atmosphere and high quality food popular with families, seniors, and businesses, and the adoption of new payment systems will further enhance the dining experience.