Clean Eatz, the nutrition-inspired national restaurant franchise, entered the New Year with the anticipation of 2022 being the brand’s most significant year-to-date for system-wide growth. Core to that ambition has been their effort to proliferate brand awareness to a degree and an expanse that the company was yet to undertake. Now, having arrived at the completion of the first quarter, the industry-leading franchise concept is proud to report a success on both marks. 

Having started the year with 69 units in operation, the brand’s first quarter saw a rate of growth that neared 10 percent after closing out March with 76 locations now up and running. A clear step in the right direction for the Clean Eatz team, who have previously stated their year-end goal as being to have 100 units in existence, as well as an additional 100 in development. As it currently stands, the franchise has over 80 units in development, 10 of those agreements stemming from their work these past few months. 

The franchise was able to establish a presence this past quarter in Omaha, NE, Pittsburgh, PA, Austin, TX, Boston, MA and Indianapolis, IN, effectively extending its reach to more consumers than ever and keeping in line with the company’s vision of reaching their east coast roots all the way to the nation’s western shores in the near future. Clean Eatz currently has plans in development that will see the franchise’s first locations take shape in Houston, TX, Daytona Beach, FL, Dayton, OH and Reading, PA as the year progresses.

“It’s impossible to have a strong year without a solid start, and the beginning of 2022 was a good one for Clean Eatz. Opening locations across the country not only helps our growth as a brand but it helps everyone begin the journey of prioritizing their health,” says Don Varady, Co-Founder of Clean Eatz. “Our goal is to change the lives of our franchisees, and the people that walk into Clean Eatz every day. We further that mission by meeting growth expectations, and it’s encouraging to see that 2022 is on the right track.” 

The restaurant industry has been ripe with challenges this year, impacting both current and new franchisees. Significant supply chain issues, nationwide labor shortages, an exceptionally competitive real estate market, and increasing construction costs have proven to be very real factors combating the brand’s previously stated goals for the year. However, the Clean Eatz team has persevered and has been able to provide resources and guidance to its system of franchisees, effectively propelling them forward through these rough waters.

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