Clean Juice, the first and only national USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise and quick service restaurant announced today the addition of five new Franchise Partners in five new states, accelerating its goal of opening a Clean Juice in all fifty U.S. states. This latest wave of first-time Franchise Partners hails from Connecticut, West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, and Washington.

“We are proud and honored to welcome these new families into our Clean Juice family of Franchise Partners,” says Landon Eckles, CEO, Clean Juice. “Next to our more than 3  million guests, our Franchise Partners are the driving force behind the growth of Clean Juice across the nation. Each Franchise Partner exemplifies our core values and our mission to bring education, awareness, and greater access to USDA-certified organic, nutritious fast-casual food options within each of their respective communities.” 


Dr. Meag McCusker is a dermatologist by trade with a special interest in health, wellness, and nutrition that she integrates into her practice on behalf of her patients. Her clinical approach is comprehensive to include nutritional counseling, therapies, and supplements to help her patients with a wide range of inflammatory skin diseases. Growing up eating farm-to-table organic foods, Dr. McCusker was destined for a health-conscious lifestyle while taking every opportunity to share her love of consuming natural, organic foods. When she discovered Clean Juice, she knew this was a brand that shared her same values and love of clean, healthy food. Since her home state of Connecticut didn’t have a Clean Juice, Dr. McCusker set out to change that by bringing the fast-growing, USDA-certified organic fast-casual restaurant to Simsbury. Dr. McCusker’s Clean Juice soft-opened in mid-December and is located at 1195 Hopmeadow St.

West Virginia

Dr. Randall Turner is an emergency medicine physician in Charles Pointe, West Virginia that has been in practice for many years. About 10 years ago, he noticed that the many patients he treated would have been in a much better situation had they lived a healthier lifestyle of proper diet and exercise. Seeing a need within his state, Dr. Turner shifted his focus toward integrated medicine and opened a wellness center within his practice area. He wanted to offer his community a resource for ways to live a healthier lifestyle as a preventative measure to his patient’s overall health and wellness. During vacation at Lake Norman, North Carolina, Dr. Turner and his wife Cheryl saw a Clean Juice restaurant and decided to explore. They fell in love with the product offerings immediately and knew that the people of West Virginia needed places like Clean Juice to get clean, healthy, organic, and delicious foods. The pillars behind Clean Juice’s success were too attractive to ignore and Dr. Turner decided to become a Franchise Partner, bringing Clean Juice to West Virginia for the very first time. Dr. Turner and his wife Cheryl opened their Clean Juice in early December located at 139 Conference Center Way in Charles Pointe, which is right next door to his wellness center.


Bryan Lindloff’s journey toward Clean Juice began with a career in business-to-business sales and marketing, building teams, and forecasting market trends. Bryan’s wife Alicia is an occupational therapist and both are heavily involved in coaching local youth team sports from cross-country to basketball. Both maintain healthy lifestyles, eating organic whenever possible. Once they became parents, their interest in organic, natural foods intensified. Having a special interest in the health and wellness industry, they searched for a business opportunity that ignited their passions. Then they found Clean Juice. On a random Google search, Bryan happened upon an article about Clean Juice and how the brand was emerging as a leading USDA-organic fast-casual eatery. Looking through the menu and company philosophy, and knowing that there was nothing in their city nearby that could compare, Bryan and his wife knew this was the passion project they were looking for. Bryan and his wife Alicia opened their Crestview Hills, Kentucky Clean Juice on December 12th and is located at 2878 Town Center Boulevard.


Jennifer and John Mikesh left North Carolina for the wanderlust of cross-country, van life living during COVID-19. Together with their young daughter, they packed up and hit the road knowing they could run their home business virtually by hiring a few staff members to take on key day-to-day operations. This was a family dream come true. During their journey throughout America’s frontier land, they fell in love with Montana. The Bozeman life fit the Mikesh family perfectly and was teeming with as a vibrant, health and wellness-minded community. This is the moment Jennifer and John realized that Bozeman would be the perfect place for a Clean Juice restaurant. Having been guests of Clean Juice for a few years in North Carolina, Jennifer and John wasted no time in reaching out to the growing fast-casual brand to move forward with becoming the first Franchise Partner in the great state of Montana. Clean Juice Montana opened in early December and is located at 605 West Peach Street.

“The timing of these four expansion locations into new states couldn’t have come at a better time,” adds Eckles. “We experienced another record-breaking quarter in Q3 and our Q4 projections have been surpassed. Clean Juice is gaining ground at a record-breaking pace and these new Franchise Partners are the perfect example of how Clean Juice is resonating within communities across the nation, not just from a guest and healthy lifestyle perspective, but as a rapidly growing franchise opportunity.”


Clean Juice also sold its first store in the state of Washington to Channing Plourd, who is expected to open in mid-2022. This is the 29th state Clean Juice has sold a franchise.  

“I’ve been looking for a franchise in the health sector, and I really like what I saw of Clean Juice in my research. I know firsthand the need for healthier fast food options because not everyone wants the current so-called healthy options that are loaded with artificial flavors, additives like sugar and are conventional (non-organic). I wanted to invest in something I can be passionate about and that’s Clean Juice,” says Plourd.

At the end of Q3, Clean Juice inched closer to its 100th Franchise Partner and its 200th store in just 5 years of franchising. Currently, there are 118 open stores with 67 in development and an additional 13 corporate-owned store locations. In Q3 alone, Clean Juice celebrated nearly a dozen new stores including its first stores in Minnesota and Oregon. In addition to these five new states now enjoying the Clean Juice brand, the company has received the green light to expand into two additional states – New York and Virginia – as it continues its march toward locations in all 50 states.

Clean Juice expects Q4 2021 to be the brand’s best 4th quarter yet as they double-down expansion plans heading into 2022. Clean Juice attributes its momentum toward keeping a laser focus on the cornerstone values of its brand alongside laser focus on excellent customer service and the rollout of several new menu items from center-of-the-plate items to seasonal favorites, which is lauded by the brand’s more than 3 million loyal guests.

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