Clean Juice, the first and original USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise with more than 100 stores operating, announced today the launch of a new customized, branded, subscription-based Cleanse Club in partnership with Lunchbox, the rapidly growing, omnichannel platform for restaurants based in New York City. The new Clean Juice loyalty program designed exclusively to inspire organic juice cleanses is available through its recently launched new app, which was created as part of the company’s dedicated and continued commitment to offer superior, simple, and engaging guest experiences across in-store and digital channels.

“With the guest in mind at every corner of its development, our subscription-based Cleanse Club subscription is built on a superior mobile technological platform that is designed to make it easy and empowering for our guests to commit to their health  through the power of regular cleansing,” says B. Quick Chadwick, Vice President of Marketing for Clean Juice. “It’s more than just a standard product subscription feature; it’s an unspoken partnership with our loyal guests to provide them with the freshest, healthiest, organic cold-pressed juice cleanse program to support their journey toward the benefits of eating organic and accessing healthy superfoods on a regular basis.” 

The new Clean Juice Cleanse Club includes multiple cleanse programs specialized and designed for all levels of cleansers, including a first-time cleanse and regular cleansers. Here is the current and new line-up of Clean Juice’s Cleanse menu:

The Beginner’s Cleanse – a cleanse designed for guests who desire to be healthier but struggle with adding healthy habits to their routine or have never cleansed before. This cleanses includes four organic cold-pressed juices featuring organic leafy greens, organic fruits, organic cayenne, organic lemon, and organic beets.

The Original Cleanse – this cleanse is designed to reset and balance the body’s nutrient intake from processed foods. This cleanses includes six organic cold-pressed juices featuring leafy greens, organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic cayenne, organic lemon, organic beets and a high protein juice.

The Immunity Cleanse – this cleanse is designed to boost the immune system and is packed with citrus for vitamin C and leafy greens for beta carotene. This six organic juice cleanse features organic celery, high fiber and high protein mix, organic carrots, organic turmeric,  organic spinach, organic dragon fruit and organic raw cacao with magnesium.

The Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse – this cleanse is designed to address inflammation that can lead to many chronic health conditions. The focus of this cleanse uses organic spices, fruits, and vegetables to decrease inflammation often caused by heavy intake of processed foods. This six organic juice cleanse includes: organic turmeric, organic cashews, organic beets, organic spinach, organic kale, capsaicin, and organic cayenne.

The Energy Cleanse – this cleanse is packed with power with a high concentration on fruits and vegetables to keep the body energized. This six organic cold-pressed cleanse features a high concentration of organic cashew milk, organic beets, organic spinach, and organic kale.

In addition, Clean Juice guests can choose up to three cleanse days per month and three different journeys (length of subscription) through the Clean Juice App, including up to 12 months. The guest has the ability to mix-and-match the types of cleanses each month and when they cleanse.  If a multiple-day cleanse, guests can use their cleanse days consecutively or over time, at their convenience.

The subscription also gives guests exclusive educational content, promotions, discounts and access to their online cleanse community to engage with other cleansers. The new Cleanse Club Facebook Group gives cleansers encouragement, education and the ability to engage and share stories with others. Lastly, for the serious cleansers who commit to the cleanse for 12 months, will receive a Clean Juice swag bag of cleanse support items like a cleanse carrier, water bottle and apparel (a $150 value).

Through the Clean Juice custom app, launched in June 2020, guests still have the ability to purchase one-day cleanses “on-demand” options.

“Clean Juice is a dream partner. They are a crew of skilled operators and sharp-minded marketers with a clear vision for redefining what it means to educate and interact with guests,” says Nabeel Alamgir, CEO and Co-Founder of Lunchbox. “We’re pumped to see this partnership flourish.”

In late 2020, Clean Juice partnered with Lunchbox to orchestrate all these new services effortlessly and with the latest and best technologies available. The Clean Juice app integrates with strategic partnerships like Toast point-of-sale system, DoorDash third party delivery,

GatherUp review management, and several more. Lunchbox offers a competitive standard fee based on the services restaurants would like to include. This allows them to benefit from the value these services provide while also keeping operational costs down. 

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