Clean Juice, the first and most prolific USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise, today launched its 2021 Summer Featured Items including the luminously colored, antioxidant rich, organic blue spirulina loaded acai bowl named The Incredi Bowl. As a commitment to innovation and keeping guests excited and engaged, Clean Juice will shift from four seasonal menus to a more frequent schedule of Seasonal Featured Items. Another Summer Featured Item includes the widely popular and best selling seasonal product in the company’s six year history, The Hydrating One fresh juice made with organic watermelon, organic pineapple and organic mint. The two products answer guests’ calls to bring back these seasonal classics as the nation settles back into spending days outside while enjoying traditional summertime festivities.

“In the spirit of our ‘Year of the Guest,’ it’s clear that our very important guests have spoken…and we’ve answered,” says Landon Eckles, CEO, Clean Juice. “We are proud to celebrate the tastes of the seasons with more frequent innovations full of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables they simply can’t get anywhere else.” 

As a USDA-certified organic fast-casual restaurant, Clean Juice understands how the human body and spirit is designed to flourish on a wide assortment of natural, fresh and organic foods as opposed to fillers, artificial flavors and genetically-modified organisms. Blue spirulina, often called blue algae, is a natural biomass of cyanobacteria that is packed with nutrients, minerals, immune-boosting properties, carotenoids and antioxidants. Used as a plant-based protein, blue spirulina is known to enhance the body’s immune system and protects cells from damage. 

In addition to Clean Juice fan favorites such as the smoothies, wraps, acai-bowls, and cold-pressed juices, the two returning special Summer Featured Items are:

THE INCREDI BOWL ACAI BOWL – the amount of nutrition and flavor in this acai bowl is incredible. Acai is blended with banana, spinach, blueberries, blue spirulina, vanilla, almond butter, honey, hemp protein and almond milk topped with granola, fresh strawberries, chia seeds and coconut chips (all organic ingredients).

THE HYDRATING ONE FRESH JUICE – this summer concoction is made with watermelon, pineapple and mint (all organic ingredients). The Hydrating One is the perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate while spending time outdoors at the beach, the park, or just hanging out in the backyard with friends and family.

Seasonality is a valued concept at Clean Juice and one that guests look forward to as the weather cycles through multiple stages throughout the year.  Clean Juice is built on product innovation that focuses on a variety of fruits and vegetables harvested during each unique season and is a true testament to the brand’s ability to continuously offer fresh, organic, healthy menu items – a core part of the Clean Juice philosophy. 

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