Clean Juice, the first and only national USDA-certified organic juice and food bar franchise, welcomed its newest Franchise Partner, Karli Gloria, and her husband, Ben Gloria. Karli took ownership of the leading all-organic fast-casual brand’s North Pointe, Idaho store on November 1st and is planning her second Clean Juice location in the Gem State. Marking her first business ownership venture, Karli is proud to be among Idaho’s women-owned business community. 

Married for 12 years, the two worked together to build a life they both dreamed about – a big part of that dream was entrepreneurship and community impact.

“We are so proud to have Clean Juice as part of our family, and it was something we talked about for years as we worked hard, saved money, and held to our vision,” says Karli and Ben. “We complement each other in every way possible and share a grinder mentality when it comes to achieving our goals. Although a milestone in our lives, this is one step more toward building the life we both share in our hearts and dreams.”

Karli, a former athlete, and dance instructor, and Ben, an immigrant from Mexico and former national track and field competitor at AAU Junior Olympics, both dreamed of taking on the challenge of small business ownership together. Through the years, both worked hard to support each other in every way possible – in health of body and spirit. To reach their goals, Karli worked three jobs while Ben worked the night shift at Lowe’s while earning his MBA. After graduating, Ben opened a toy and trading cards store nearby in The Village at Meridian, a popular outdoor shopping plaza located in the heart of Treasure Valley. Then it was Karli’s turn.

Karli’s journey with Clean Juice started after visiting a nearby Clean Juice. She immediately fell in love with what Clean Juice represented as a brand and its line-up of healthy, all-organic food and juices. As a health-conscious former athlete, Clean Juice filled a gap Karli had long noticed in and around her community. That gap was the lack of healthy, all-organic food options in her community that supported her vision of eating clean and being mindful of how the food she consumes affects her body, mind, and spirit. 

As a young woman living with an autoimmune disease requiring medication and an anti-inflammatory diet, Clean Juice’s line-up of wraps, salads, cold-press juices, acai bowls, and more provided Karli with various high-quality food options while being on the go. More importantly, her ownership of Clean Juice fulfilled her dream of bringing healthier food options to the people within her community.

Though each business is separately owned, the couple works together to make each a success while supporting each other’s dreams, passions, and commitment to their community.

Clean Juice’s rise as a leading all-organic fast-casual food bar franchise is fueled by its dedication to health and wellness and a powerful foundation built on the power of positivity and faith. Value is a way of life for co-founders Landon and Kat Eckles, as is evident in the continued expansion of the popular brand. Clean Juice surpassed its 200-unit mark earlier this year and has grown its presence in 33 states since it began franchising in 2016.

Karli and Ben join a brand that has attracted Franchise Partners of all backgrounds, including physicians, nutritionists, first-time entrepreneurs, former athletes, and celebrities. Most recently, Tim Tebow, the brand’s first national ambassador and now Franchise Partner, opened his first store in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Clean Juice has become a franchise favorite for current and former professional athletes, including MMA Fighter and UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, former New York Giants wide-receiver known for his famous Super Bowl helmet catch, David Tyree. 

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