JUST, a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods announced today that it has partnered with Clover Food Lab, the cult-favorite restaurant chain founded by MIT alumnus and environmentalist Ayr Muir, to become the first restaurant in New England to add the plant-based, protein-packed JUST Egg to its menu.

Clover’s mission is to address global warming by building a better food future, which aligns directly with the fluffy and filling JUST Egg, which is made from ingredients that require less water and emit fewer carbon emissions than conventional chicken eggs. The product, made by Michelin starred chefs from the 4,400-year-old mung bean, is free from antibiotics and cholesterol and is beginning to roll out at select restaurants and retailers nationwide.

To celebrate JUST Egg’s launch in the Boston area, Clover will be pairing it with seared bell peppers and caramelized onions from Massachusetts farms (and optional provolone cheese), all nestled in a fluffy pita made with Maine flour. It’s inspired by the classic Italian-American “Pepper and Egg” sandwich that many Bostonians may know from their local deli or pizzeria. Clover’s “JUST Egg and Pepper” will launch in an exclusive sneak peek for Clover app users on Wednesday, August 22.

The sandwich will be available at all Clover locations beginning Thursday, August 23 during breakfast (7 a.m. until 11 a.m.). For those craving a late-night snack, it will also be available from midnight to 11 a.m. at Clover’s 24-hour restaurant in Central Square. As an added bonus, Clover will begin stocking JUST Cookie Dough, a brand new sweet treat served in a 1.6oz cup with a built-in spoon.

“JUST Egg is a truly revolutionary product, fitting perfectly with our aspirations of helping carnivores and omnivores fall in love with vegetables. Ever since we tasted the current version, we’ve been super excited to cook with it, and now we can’t wait to hear what our customers think when they taste it in the context of a Clover sandwich,” said Clover founder and CEO Ayr Muir.

“In just 10 years, Ayr and his team have transformed a single food truck into a beloved fast-casual chain that serves thousands of people delicious, farm-fresh, environmentally friendly food every day. Clover was one of the first to replace traditional mayonnaise with JUST Mayo and I’m proud that the first bites of JUST Egg in New England will be with our trailblazing friends in Boston,” says JUST co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick.

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