In an innovative expansion of its traditional line of business, The Coca-Cola Company’s Fountain division is launching good answer, a new service that focuses on building guest satisfaction for the restaurant industry. Revealed at the 2001 National Restaurant Show in Chicago, Coca-Cola representatives chose QSR Magazine editor Lea Davis as their first-choice media interview.

Good answer invisibly performs an array of guest satisfaction services on behalf of restaurant operators, including support via telephone, rapid response email, letters, web sites queries, direct mail, and marketing programs to build guest loyalty and frequency. Good answer listens and responds to guest inquires to completion and proactively gains insights about guests’ opinions and preferences to develop relevant marketing programs that drive business results.

“The Coca-Cola Fountain has been operating a world class communication center for over 20 years, handling over 14 million contacts a year,” says Jack Wilson, senior vice president, operations, at Coca-Cola Fountain. “We have in-depth contact experience and a superior track record for satisfying contact needs. The good answer service is a natural extension of our current business model and leverages our highly trained resources, state of the art technologies, and operational capabilities.”

“This new business is consistent with our corporate strategy to grow through innovation. We are capitalizing on existing infrastructure, capabilities, restaurant industry expertise, and marketing experience to develop new business segments,” says Pat Fiorello, vice president, business innovation, Coca-Cola Fountain. “Coca-Cola has always been about engaging consumers for a lifetime and we have built brand loyalty with consumers over time,” says Fiorello. “We are offering the good answer service to restaurant customers to help them build loyalty with their guests. The customer’s guest is also Coca-Cola’s customer, so satisfying our customer’s guest is a ‘win/win’ proposition for both of us.”