At the 2018 NRA Show, The Coca Cola Company looked to the future to provide innovative solutions to help its customers stay ahead of consumer demand. As part of its commitment to be its customers’ most valued partner, The Coca Cola Company showcased updates to Coca-Cola Freestyle, cloud-based digital signag,e and new beverages for foodservice.


To continue driving value for customers and consumers, Coca-Cola Freestyle is introducing enhancements to existing dispensers and launching a next-generation dispenser: Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100.

Existing dispensers are being refreshed with additional brands and categories, an on-screen calorie display feature, a new user interface and an update to the Freestyle app that allows users to discover leading beverage mixes in their region.

Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 launched at the 2018 NRA Show and will begin rolling out nationally in 2019. The next-generation dispenser’s large, high-definition screen creates an easier consumer journey to find favorite beverages or sample something new from more than 200 drink choices, including more than 100 low- or no-calorie options. The dispenser is also outfitted with Bluetooth connectivity, so, as soon as Freestyle app users walk into a restaurant, they can connect to the dispenser, pour their favorite beverages and create new mixes without even scanning a QR code. Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 features an improved crew dashboard and enhanced diagnostics, giving operators real-time precision updates on how much product is remaining and when it will run out. The new dispenser also comes equipped with built-in microphones, speakers and optical sensors to allow for future developments to create an interactive user experience.


Introduced in 2009 as a disruptive innovation in the dispensed beverage segment, Coca-Cola Freestyle delivers the highest-quality beverages, unparalleled consumer choice and the ability to personalize. 

The interactive beverage dispensing platform offers nearly 200 beverages across nine beverage categories, including more than 100 low- and no-calorie options and more than 90 caffeine-free choices.

Freestyle ingredients are highly concentrated, and patented Micro-Dosing eliminates most of the back-room ingredients, supply chain elements and packaging.

As part of its commitment to continuous innovation, The Coca-Cola Company is constantly making insights-driven updates to in-market Coca-Cola Freestyle equipment. The platform’s content management system allows Coca-Cola Freestyle to launch new brands over the air and surprise fans with custom mixes for special occasions.  

Current Coca-Cola Freestyle Milestones:

  • Over 50,000 dispensers in the world
  • Over 5 billion annual servings
  • Over 14 million 8-oz servings every day

Since its introduction, the platform has driven positive business results in terms of sales, traffic and incidence for customers. Customer-reported metrics show a median increase of more than 8 percent in total beverage servings across all channels and more than 3 percent in traffic.


To help restaurants keep pace with the digital landscape of today and tomorrow, The Coca-Cola Company is developing a proprietary technology that will revolutionize digital signage. By connecting displays to a cloud-based signage solution, restaurants will have the opportunity to install low-cost, digital displays that are optimized and updated through real-time analytics. This signage solution leverages consumer-grade Google products, such as ChromeBit, ChromeBox and other low-cost devices, allowing restaurants to upload and stream web content to digital displays.

The signage solution is powered by a cloud-based analytics engine called Neko. By leveraging customization, location information and menu data, Neko has the ability to optimize menu and signage layouts in the form of recommendations and automated layouts. The Neko Control mobile app allows restaurant operators to control and upload their content to digital displays in real-time. Using the app, restaurants can upload product images, assign pricing, set nutritional information, group products into categories, schedule dayparts, select templates and publish updates all from their mobile phones. The app also provides business insights, recommendations and the ability to order additional signage materials straight from the app. The Neko Control app will be available for download in the App Store and Google Play in summer 2018.


The restaurant of the future must meet consumer demand for variety, flavors and customization. As shown in its NRA Show booth, The Coca-Cola Company is Coca-Cola and so much more. It’s an organic tea company, a coconut water company, a premium juice company, a sparkling water company. Ultimately, it’s a total beverage company, and Coca-Cola offers a vast portfolio of products that meet foodservice guests’ evolving needs and desire for choice. The Coca-Cola Company is continually introducing and acquiring new offerings, like Barrilitos aguas frescas in bubblers, bottled Topo Chico mineral water, new Odwalla Craft Lemonades in bubblers and Coca-Cola Georgia Peach and Coca-Cola California Raspberry on fountain—all of which were sampled in Coca-Cola booth #4402.

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