Cold Brew Tea is the official beverage of summer at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand, one of the world’s leading roasters and retailers of specialty coffee and tea. Today, the iconic coffee shop launched its summer menu with new drinks that are sure to keep everyone cool, even on the hottest days of the year. The seasonal menu boasts three bright and fruity delicious Cold Brew Tea flavors that includes the new Watermelon Mint Cold Brew Tea, available for a limited time only, the Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea and the Mango Cold Brew Tea.

Cold brew is both a process and a beverage, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives equal importance to both, sourcing its tea from different regions in the world and directly purchasing from family-owned farms, where everything is hand-picked and harvested. Each blend is personally and thoughtfully created, and the Cold Brew Teas are steeped for five hours in ambient water to give the tea a perfectly balanced and vibrant flavor.

Also, this summer, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduces the Belgian Chocolate Ice Blended Drink, made for those looking for a decadent treat.

“Our guests have come to love the fresh flavor combinations we pair with our high-quality teas,” says Nurit Raich, Senior Director of Product Innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “Our Cold Brew Teas and other iced beverages this year are sure to delight guests looking for refreshingly chill drinks that bring out the summer vibes.”

The summer menu offerings are available to guests now and include:

Watermelon Mint Cold Brew Tea: This new Cold Brew Tea is a limited time flavor and pairs a favorite summer fruit with a cooling hint of mint. The beverage incorporates a tantalizingly fresh Scottish Breakfast Cold Brew Tea made with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand’s new Watermelon Mint Sauce for a sweet and refreshing flavor.

Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea: The sweet taste of juicy peach with every sip. This refreshing summertime beverage is made with luscious peaches, balanced with hints of jasmine flowers and green tea.

Mango Cold Brew Tea: A tropical, sweet burst of flavor that incorporates a strong black tea steeped for five hours and then mixed with natural mango Purée.

Belgian Chocolate Ice Blended drink: A new sweet and creamy cold treat that features the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Espresso Roast Blend with indulgent Belgian chocolate, blended with the signature pebble ice, all topped with fluffy whipped cream, Dark Chocolate Sauce drizzle, and cookie pieces. This superb treat is tasty any time of day, with coffee or as a Pure Ice Blended drink.

Guests can also now enjoy their beverages with toasted breakfast menu items. This year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf installed ovens to provide the option to warm or toast guests’ favorite menu items that can be enjoyed in combination with a refreshing cold brew beverage.

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