The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf announced that it will host its fourth annual “Support from Home” campaign in stores from June 28 to September 12. Among the core principles at The Coffee Bean& Tea Leaf, is a fundamental commitment to social responsibility.

The “Support from Home” program is an extension of that commitment: The program encourages customers to donate The Coffee Bean coffee and accessories to troops overseas through the Soldiers’ Angels organization. Additionally, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will donate $1 from each sale of a line of “Support from Home” products to The Fisher House Foundation which supports injured veterans and their families.

This program, which runs from June 28 to September 12, works in three ways:

1. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will give $1 from each sale of its limited edition “Support from Home” blend ground coffee ($9.95) to The Fisher House Foundation. Customers who purchase the coffee are encouraged to donate the bag to troops overseas. Each bag has an area where the customer can write a heartfelt note to the soldier who will receive the coffee.

2. For the first time this year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is selling a “Support from Home” insulated cup ($7.95). Like the coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will donate $1 for each “Support from Home” tumbler sold to The Fisher House Foundation. The tumbler has a removable paper insert which, like the bag of coffee, can be used to write a note to a soldier if the customer chooses to donate the coffee cup to troops overseas.

3. Finally, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will donate $1 to The Fisher House Foundation for every $25 limited edition “Support from Home” gift card sold.

“The ‘Support from Home’ initiative started out as a grassroots effort by a store manager in Arizona,” says district manager Lynda Baker, who helped spearhead the campaign. “Coffee is not something that is readily available to troops overseas, so we wanted to do what we could to bring some comfort to them. Our customers embraced the promotion and the program grew exponentially, with some customers buying four or five bags of coffee at a time. Anytime our customers get behind something like this, the sky’s the limit!”

Now an annual company-wide promotion, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hopes to surpass last year’s donation of 35,264 bags of coffee sent to troops and $60,500 to The Fisher House Foundation. “Since 2008, our customers have donated nearly 1.2 million cups of coffee to our troops through ‘Support from Home,’” says Mel Elias, president and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “We are humbled by the sacrifice the men and women in the military make for us everyday and hope that the small comfort of a cup of coffee will remind them of the people at home who care about them.”

The “Support from Home” blend is a pre-ground blend of medium dark roast coffee with flavor notes of black cherry and dark chocolate. Stores will display posters in-store to keep track of donations and encourage community involvement.

Customers may also donate any retail item including coffee, tea, and accessories to the troops. The delivery of the coffee and products to overseas troops is facilitated through an organization called Soldiers’ Angels, which coordinates the delivery of donated goods to U.S. Armed Forces deployed around the world. For more information about this program, visit

For more information about the “Support from Home” campaign or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, please contact JS² Communications at 323-866-0880 or email

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