Premium coffee gets fully charged with the launch of Full Throttle Coffee, a creamy coffee and energy blend set to be unleashed in the U.S. pacific northwest and southeast regions this month before rolling out nationally in August.

Made with 100 percent premium Colombian Arabica coffee and Full Throttle’s energy and vitamin blend, Full Throttle Coffee will be available in mocha, vanilla, and caramel flavors. It will be available in 15-ounce aluminum cans.

“Guys are increasingly looking for great-tasting beverage options that will give them the extra kick they need to conquer their day,” says Rafael Acevedo, senior brand manager, Energy Drinks, Coca-Cola North America. “Full Throttle Coffee combines the smooth, rich taste of coffee with the intensity that you can only get from a Full Throttle Energy Drink.”

The launch of Full Throttle Coffee will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign and a sampling plan to drive awareness and trial. All introductory marketing materials will feature the tagline, “Coffee. Fully Charged”, inviting Full Throttle fans to enjoy the energy of Full Throttle in a great-tasting coffee. Packaging for Full Throttle Coffee Caramel will be bilingual, featuring both English and Spanish.

Full Throttle Coffee joins the Full Throttle energy drink family, which includes Full Throttle Original, Full Throttle Unleaded, Full Throttle Blue Demon and Full Throttle Fury.