Beginning today, visitors to the Coca-Cola fan page on Facebook can share a special Facebook “virtual gift” with friends and family. Each virtual Coca-Cola gift and commercial sneak peek triggers three uplifting outcomes:

* Coca-Cola makes a one-dollar donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

* Gift recipients receive a special Coca-Cola bottle image, which is displayed on their Facebook page and newsfeed, reminding them and others that they can also share virtual gifts.

* Gift-givers receive a 20-second sneak preview of one of two new Coca-Cola ads that will debut during the Super Bowl broadcast on February 7, 2010.

* Once game day arrives, gifters will receive both ads in their entirety – before their television debut later that evening.

“By using our Super Bowl ads to invite people to join us in supporting Boys & Girls Clubs, we’re going beyond simply airing great commercials on a terrific live television event,” says Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola North America. “We’re reminding people that whenever they enjoy a Coca-Cola, they play a role in helping us make a difference in the lives of others. By opening a Coke they create a happiness multiplier.”

The two new commercials are part of the global Coca-Cola Open Happiness campaign, which reminds people to share a Coke and enjoy life’s little pleasures. One ad chronicles a young man’s unique quest for the ultimate refreshment, while the other features familiar animated characters learning to appreciate the simple moments they experience with friends and family.

In addition, two animated billboards will air during the Super Bowl broadcast and alert viewers to visit where they can learn how to help Coca-Cola benefit Boys & Girls Clubs and how they can support the ongoing efforts of the Red Cross in aiding earthquake victims in Haiti.

“The Super Bowl broadcast brings families and friends together to celebrate and create memories,” Bayne says. “It’s a perfect time to open a Coke and Open Happiness, and giving folks a chance to help others through our ads makes the experience even better.”

The new commercials are just one part of Coca-Cola’s long-term commitment to supporting local communities. Already In 2010, new print and digital advertising has asked people to join Coca-Cola in contributing to worthy causes in three ways – by volunteering their time, donating dollars through, or donating points to worthwhile organizations through My Coke Rewards.

Television advertising focusing on education, active living, and sustainability has aired on high-profile programming such as American Idol. And the Coca-Cola Live Positively Web site now offers expanded functionality that allows more than 14 million MyCokeRewards members, four million Coke fans on Facebook, and 1.5 million fans on MySpace to join Coca-Cola in supporting causes that improve countless lives.

Visitors to and also will be directed to visit the Coca-Cola fan page on Facebook to share a virtual gift and receive a sneak peek of the new Coca-Cola ad. After the big game has concluded, people who give a Coca-Cola virtual gift will receive both new Coca-Cola commercials in their entirety. The spots also will be available on popular file-sharing sites such as YouTube and Hulu.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Coca-Cola commercials will appear in the Super Bowl telecast. The new “Open Happiness” ads were created by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.

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