Small, regional, and mid-size chain operators no longer have to weather the economic storm alone.

Coca-Cola revamped its online tool earlier this year, adding environmentally friendly resources, best practices, and even health care suggestions to help operators stay afloat and perhaps even prosper during the recession.

“We listened to customer feedback about how to make the site more compelling with enhanced features and information to help operators improve business performance,” says Melissa Bass, senior marketing manager, foodservice independent marketing, Coca-Cola North America.

One of the biggest changes to the Web site is the addition of The Sustainability Resource Center. Bass explains that while single-unit operators and independents might be interested in going green, they don’t always know the best ways to do so.

“The goal is to enable our customers by giving them tools to act on their intentions and make a difference for the planet and their bottom line,” she says.

Operators familiar with the Web site need not worry about popular applications such as the Create-A-Promo tool and the online store. Both features remain a part of the site and have been enhanced so they are easier to navigate.

In addition to product information and tie-in merchandise, the Web site also offers business tools such as trade research, profit calculators, and a list of preferred partners in areas ranging from legal counsel to waterless urinals.

“We’ve had very positive responses from our customers,” Bass says.

“We are continuing to expand the content, capabilities, and offerings on the site to further meet our customers’ needs.”

–Blair Chancey

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