Starting July 1 though July 23, dance and ice cream lovers across the country are invited to participate in the Shake It Up contest. Drawing inspiration from Cold Stone Creamery’s new line of shakes and smoothies, contestants will be asked to showcase their most original “shakin’ it up” dance moves in a one-minute video. Seven regional finalists will then be flown to New York City to compete for the grand prize of $15,000 and free ice cream shakes and smoothies for life. For official contest entry rules and details, visit beginning July 1.

On July 5 Cold Stone Creamery will introduce a new line of ice cream shakes and smoothies. In total, nine new shake recipes and eight new smoothie recipes will be available.

“Creating these new shake and smoothie recipes was a really fun process,” says Ray Karam, Cold Stone Creamery’s Tastemaste. we already have top-notch ingredients in the stores–it was just a matter of adding a few enhancements and blending flavor combinations. Shakes and smoothies have been around for a long time, but I think people will be surprised by the unrivaled taste.”

In the new shake line, the focus is on blending indulgent, rich flavor combinations resulting in thick, creamy shakes. Flavors such as Cake ‘n Shake(TM), made with the famed cake batter ice cream, milk, and real yellow cake pieces, and PB&C(TM), made with rich chocolate ice cream, milk and, peanut butter, are sure to delight loyal Cold Stone Creamery ice cream aficionados and shake connoisseurs alike.

The smoothie line includes new offerings such as yogurt, soymilk, mango puree, and nutritional supplements, making these frozen treats the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or late-night snack. Tastemaster Karam took his love for the tropics and created several one-of-a-kind drink sensations, including Man-Go Bananas(TM), made with yogurt or soymilk, sorbet, mango puree, and banana and Berry Lemony(TM), made with sorbet, raspberries, strawberries, and lemon. One free nutritional supplement can be added to any smoothie. Supplements include Energy, made with ginseng & ginkgo biloba extracts, Regenerate, made from green tea, turmeric and grapeseed extracts, and protein, made with soy protein powder. Additional nutritional supplements can be added for a nominal charge (59 cents per additional nutritional supplement; prices vary per region).

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