A color changing disposable coffee lid from Smart Lid Systems has been awarded a prestigious Dupont® Packaging Award. Changing from dark brown to bright red when placed on a hot beverage.

The ‘smart’ lid alerts consumers their coffee/tea may be too hot by changing from a dark coffee bean color to bright red when the lid is applied. More importantly, the lid visually indicates whether or not it is securely attached to the take-out cup, placing store owners and consumers at ease regarding safety concerns.

At the ceremony Dupont® presented Smart Lid Systems with a Silver Dupont® Award for Packaging Innovation in their annual innovative packaging technologies competition, becoming the first Australian winner.

After 5 years of R&D, Smart Lid Systems, a product development company has created and commercialized the concept creating previously unattainable color contrasts with affordability to café owners, at around a penny extra per lid.

Managing Director Nick Bayss said: “Previously you tested the temperature of your coffee with your mouth, we can all appreciate this invention in today’s hectic take-out coffee environments. An instant visual warning for baristas and drinkers to overcome the cause of most spillages, human error, has been long needed. Superseding plain white lids and eliminating language barriers, the message is conveyed via color.”

The color change is also reversible, slowly changing back to the brown ‘cold’ color as the drink cools, signaling your beverage is cooling down.

Logos and text can also be made to appear and slowly disappear on top of the lid, in the face of coffee drinkers as the lid changes color, creating branding and advertising opportunities.