Comcast Smart Solutions, a division of Comcast that specializes in smart technologies for businesses and communities, announced expanded strategic relationships with Eagle Eye Networks, a global leader in cloud video surveillance with AI and analytics, and C2RO, a leader in Privacy-Aware AI-powered video analytics software, to provide customers with a new, broader set of AI video analytics solutions. This collaboration expands Comcast Smart Solutions’ existing Video Analytics expertise while giving clients more flexibility to choose the right smart video solution.

“As technology continues to innovate and industries continue to face new challenges, organizations must reassess how they are using and managing their video and analytics systems,” says Michael Slovin, Vice President and General Manager of Comcast Smart Solutions. “By solidifying our relationships with Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO, two distinct video analytics leaders with highly valuable and complementary offerings, we are providing our clients with stronger and more flexible solutions. Our goal is to provide broader access to video analytics and AI-powered technologies that can deliver the data, insights, and real-time alerts they need. This includes everything from consumer journeys and inventory shrinkage to traffic patterns and license plate reading—and that’s just the start.”

Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities customers – including municipalities, commercial and residential properties, retailers, fast-casual and quick-service restaurants (QSR), and more – can now leverage AI video analytics tools and cloud-based platforms from Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO. These technologies transform video footage into data-driven insights that can help businesses, retailers, and communities enhance security, optimize operations, improve service quality, and mitigate IT costs. Solutions are custom configured with Comcast Business connectivity, provider of the nation’s largest gig-speed network.

Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO’s solutions offer a range of benefits, including:

Enhanced security and smart search: Cloud-based Video Management System (VMS) offers entry and perimeter detection with real-time alerts to help increase safety. Access remotely and search for people, vehicles, and objects across all recorded footage using keywords in a simple search-engine style experience.

●      Data privacy compliance: Personal information and uniquely identifying information is never leveraged for marketing and operational analysis, enabling strict compliance for data privacy regulations. Additionally, clients can securely store all their security-related video footage in the cloud with robust and redundant safety measures, including encryption and 24/7 monitoring, to help ensure it remains secure, protected, and private. Personal information and uniquely identifying information is never captured, facilitating privacy compliance.

●      Cost savings: Scalable cloud technology can reduce or eliminate the need for physical hard drives and dedicated storage racks for video footage. Clients can often integrate software into existing cameras for increased savings.

●      Deeper understanding of customer journey: Strategic insights into customer journeys and behaviors with anonymous AI-driven data of customer flow, product interactions, and transactions, informing current performance and future actions.

Eagle Eye Networks simplifies AI video analytics and video footage management with its secure cloud-based storage and intuitive software platform. Its AI video analytics solutions effectively address security and operational challenges across multiple sites, while economically securing data in their own data centers. Plus, its ability to integrate with existing camera infrastructure allows for increased savings and makes it particularly suited for local governments as well as multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use properties and their businesses.

“Business owners, smart cities, and commercial properties are increasingly adopting cloud video surveillance with AI and video analytics for business intelligence as well as for security. Eagle Eye Networks is pleased to partner with Comcast Smart Solutions to deliver powerful video analytic tools that help businesses become more efficient and help make the world a safer place,” said Dean Drako, CEO and Founder of Eagle Eye Networks.

C2RO complements this with its highly advanced AI video analysis, which enables organizations to generate valuable data-driven insights that inform critical business decisions. C2RO’s unique technology provides detailed and accurate learnings about specific customer behavior while prioritizing anonymity and compliance with the strictest data privacy regulations. Whether an organization is focused on enhancing customer engagement, streamlining operations, or deterring in-store theft, C2RO’s distinct solutions address challenges across a wide range of industry sectors such as retail, shopping centers, hospitality, and more.

“We are very proud and excited to partner with Comcast Smart Solutions and Eagle Eye Networks to expand the reach of our AI-based analysis and theft deterrence software solutions within the Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities,” says Riccardo Badalone, CEO of C2RO. “Customers will directly benefit from the combined resources and highly complementary solutions of three organizations to fully exploit the benefits of AI-driven video analytics solutions.”

Comcast Business and Xfinity Communities customers looking to reassess and enhance their video monitoring and analytics system for maximum impact now have access to Eagle Eye Networks and C2RO video analytics solutions.

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