Industry News | August 23, 2013

Component Introduces New Line of LED Light Bars

Component Hardware has introduced a new line of Keil LED linkable light bars for refrigerated and ambient display applications.


The new features include:


·       Available in full range of lengths from 10" to 47", (3) color temperatures - 3000K, 4100K, 6400K


·       Operating temperature from 104°F to -4°F (40°C to -20°C)


·       LED lamps reject little heat into refrigerated space


·       Corrosion-free, high impact polycarbonate housing


·       Instant-on, no ballast to warm up


·       Super slim, easy to install; mounting brackets included


·       Link up to 10 fixtures together for maximum flexibility


·       Mercury-free


·       Lamps consume only 5 watts per foot


·       50,000+ hours rated life; reduces landfill waste; lowers maintenance costs


·       Exceeds Federal Energy Act requirement


·       Contributes to LEED energy use reduction credits


·       Highest lumen output per watt available; surpasses that of conventional fluorescent and incandescent fixtures


·       Clear, high impact polycarbonate lens with ribs for maximum light dispersion


·       No ultraviolet emissions


·       UL and NSF listed

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