Late last year, Subway began rolling out breakfast food with Starbucks’ Seattle’s Best coffee, and now the brand is jumping whole hog into a new breakfast menu.

“Subway’s entry into the breakfast daypart will be successful and will challenge the likes of McDonald’s and Starbucks, as well as Kellogg’s and Jimmy Dean,” says Gary Stibel, CEO and restaurant team practice leader at the Westport, Connecticut–based New England Consulting Group.

The New England Consulting Group has worked on some of the largest breakfast franchises in the world, from market leader cereals and frozen foods to the original launch of quick-service breakfast, the most successful restaurant breakfast offerings in history, and more.

Today, the New England Consulting Group continues to aggressively work the breakfast daypart with foodservice and packaged food clients, in addition to what Stibel calls the single biggest meal occasion of the day: snacking.

“American’s consume more food and beverage at multiple snacking occasions throughout the day than at any other single daypart,” Stibel says.

“The breakfast daypart makes even more sense to Subway than most because the brand and franchise has done so good a job of building a healthy image and Americans eat healthier in the morning than at any other time during the day,” says restaurant practice team member David Stone.

Overall, New England Consulting Group believes Subway will be very successful in breakfast and that this success will help, not hurt, the balance of their day.

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