ConverseNow, a leading provider of AI-powered conversational ordering solutions for restaurants, announced a partnership with ItsaCheckmate, a leading first and third-party online ordering technology. The partnership will enable ConverseNow to integrate its AI-powered ordering platform quickly and easily with dozens of POS systems, significantly reducing onboarding time for new customers.

Addressing a key challenge for restaurants: the need to integrate new technologies with POS systems and integrate menu management, this partnership is a win-win for the industry, delivering a best-in-class technology solution to restaurants looking to expand their customer service and ordering process with voice AI. 

Prior to this partnership, new ConverseNow customers had to create a menu integration for every POS they used, adding significant time to the onboarding process. By combining its AI expertise with ItsaCheckmate’s POS integration capabilities, restaurants can now adopt AI-powered ordering solutions without the need for custom development work, reducing overall integration times.

This partnership further enables ConverseNow to focus on the application of generative AI, which, with the recent integration of Google Bard and Open AI, is pushing for AI ordering conversations to become increasingly more fluid and complex. It is night and day compared to solutions deployed just one year ago that were based on scripted or predictive behavior, leading to restaurants being able to quickly adapt to the needs of more customers. AI is also helping improve restaurant efficiency by using customer data and business metrics, monitoring ingredient use, adjusting menus around consumer trends, and even managing reservations based on the number of people in a party.

ConverseNow’s Voice AI technology is used by restaurants in 46 states across the U.S. to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, over 2,500 restaurant brands use ItsaCheckmate to seamlessly integrate their POS systems with third-party ordering platforms and grow their business.

“We are excited to partner with ItsaCheckmate to bring our AI-powered ordering solution to more restaurants,” says Vinay Shukla, CEO of ConverseNow. “ItsaCheckmate’s deep expertise in POS integrations will allow us to focus on what we do best – developing innovative AI solutions that help restaurants improve their customer experience and increase sales.”

“This partnership is one more step in the direction of the future of restaurants,” continues Shukla, “By streamlining the integration process of menus into the POS systems, our customers will benefit from a go-to-market product with less onboarding time. At ConverseNow, we’re constantly looking at ways we can enhance our generative AI platform; this integration is one of many recent developments, and we’ve got so much more to announce before the end of 2023.”

“I truly believe voice AI is the next big digital channel, but its adoption has been slower than expected because of the high cost of onboarding and the need to prove out the ROI to restaurant operators,” says Vishal Agarwal, Founder and CEO of ItsaCheckmate. “With this partnership, ItsaCheckmate aims to bring voice AI to restaurants of all sizes, providing them with technology that’s fully integrated with their POS, requires zero cost to onboard, and our free pilot will help prove out the ROI with no risk to restaurants.”

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