Coolgreens is preparing for unprecedented growth as it expands its roots across Texas.

Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee announced that the company has signed an area development agreement with industry veteran Clay Carson to open 50 locations throughout Austin, Houston and San Antonio in the next five years. The first restaurant is expected to open in Houston by the end of 2020, with 10 new locations open in the next 18 months.

“It’s a very exciting time at Coolgreens,” Lee says. “Our same-store sales have actually increased over the last year, and we are in a strong position to continue our growth. Having started in Oklahoma and expanded to Omaha and Dallas-Fort Worth, development throughout the rest of Texas seems natural for our brand. In response to the current crisis, Coolgreens is interested in exploring the option of utilizing opportunistic real estate to expand, helping landlords fill open spaces, brighten communities and revitalize the industry. Coolgreens is looking for highly experienced area representatives across the U.S. With his previous area representative experience and his ties to Coolgreens, Clay is the perfect fit to be our first area representative. Now, we are ready to drive rapid growth all over the Lone Star state.”

Carson brings 20 years of broad experience in the restaurant industry, with a special focus on franchising and real estate development at several different multi-unit brands. In 2017, Carson joined Coolgreens as vice president of franchise development, where he helped build the franchise program and successfully attracted franchisees. Three years later, Carson is returning to Coolgreens as an area representative, opening his own stores and also attracting multi-unit operators who will commit to opening four to six Texas locations.

“I am thrilled be back with Coolgreens and help them expand the brand’s footprint throughout Texas,” Carson adds. “When I first joined the brand, I saw a real need for the product, and this has never been more true than it is today. Coolgreens not only is weathering the COVID-19 storm, but the brand has gotten extremely creative in making the product even more accessible to customers. A lot of game-changing objectives are in the queue that will revolutionize fit food and the way to purchase it. Coolgreens Markets are just the beginning. Prospective franchisees will see the value in the simplicity of Coolgreens, the unique experience the brand provides for its guests, and how the team will work with them to ensure they are successful. The Coolgreens leadership team is adaptable and full of very progressive thinkers. There are a lot of opportunities for second generation real estate options right now, so this is the right time and right environment for Coolgreens to grow. I am excited to be a part of seeing Coolgreens thrive in Texas as it continues to build healthful lifestyles in more communities.”

“We are very pleased to have Clay come full circle and rejoin Coolgreens as an area representative,” Lee says. “Coolgreens is seeking area representatives and multi-unit operators who are experienced, passionate and realize that Coolgreens is a sustainable brand for today and the future. When it comes down to negotiating powers of real estate, vendors and construction, the seasoned franchisee will recognize this prominent opportunity as an ideal time to enter the restaurant industry.”

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