Corn & Co, the country's newest popcorn specialty retailer, is introducing Popcorn Reborn this fall to local "lucky snackers."

The company focuses on the classic American snack, but reimagined. Native Americans brought popped corn to the first Thanksgiving and today, Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popcorn each year. Popcorn is an all-natural snack that is low in fat and calories and high in fiber and protein. Corn & Co is dedicated to serving up the best of the best in flavor, freshness, and fun.

With a focus on the customer, up to 16 flavors will be freshly popped in the test kitchen each day. Customers can then add toppings and custom-mix flavors to find their favorite. Each lucky snacker's bag is like a snowflake–unique and personal.

In addition to daily fresh flavors, Corn & Co offers pre-popped grab-and-go bags of mixes, samplers, and flights.

Corn & Co is the brainchild of brothers Steven and Robert Berlin, both dedicated flavor junkies focused on making the freshest and tastiest popcorn while keeping it light and fun with more than 250 unique flavors in their "library."

Sixteen of these are proprietary flavors making the base of their menu. Flavors range from savory Salt & Vinegar, Dill Pickle, and Bacon, to sweet Watermelon, Cotton Candy, and Cheesecake, to crave-worthy exotics such as Teriyaki, Thai Chili, or Wasabi. The case also features signature mixes such as S'mores, Caramel Apple, or Trail Mix. The company's handcrafted popcorn is popped in sunflower oil and gluten-free, nut-free, and Kosher.

"We believe that popcorn is a uniquely American snack that can satisfy all cravings–sweet, salty, sour, sticky, and crunchy–just by adding great flavors and mixing them in custom ways," Steven Berlin says.

"Corn & Co is all about corn, customers, and community, fantastic taste, lots of choices for our lucky snackers, and supporting agriculture and education in our communities," Robert Berlin says.

With "The Popcorn Song" in the background and staff welcoming each guest with "What's In Your Bag?" the Corn & Co experience is more than popcorn. Fun and flavor is primary. The store itself features a classic apothecary look with a modern flair–look for chrome fixtures and a massive flavor menuboard reminiscent of the periodic table of elements.

An open kitchen design invites customers to be a part of the theater of popping and see the care and craft the company dedicates to delivering a high-quality product.  Each visit is a true multi-sensory experience designed to inspire wonder and amazement.

Corn & Co is slated to open early this fall on the upper level of the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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