Corner Bakery is continuing to lead the sector in innovation with its most recent announcement—the company has partnered with Rosnet in order to implement all functions associated with Reporting, Food Management and Labor Management.

Rosnet is a respected leader in the restaurant technology marketplace that offers world-class support to large restaurant companies when it comes to things like food and labor management. Before implementing Rosnet technology system-wide, Corner Bakery studied the impact at one of its franchise locations that had implemented the technology in the first wave. The benefits were undeniable, and now Corner Bakery is excited to announce a system-wide partnership.

“Because Rosnet is intuitive and streamlined, and because we had some experience using it with one of our franchise partners, we were able to rollout the full platform to over 190 company and franchise locations in nine weeks,” says Paul Hicks, SVP Operations Services & Brand Development at Corner Bakery Cafe.

In 2014, when Rosnet was implemented in one of the Corner Bakery franchise locations, the brand was able to see how Rosnet was working for the brand. The leadership team gathered insightful and real data that showed how Rosnet improved business processes at the store level and above-store level. The technology platform worked with Corner Bakery to tackle some of the toughest business and operational challenges they were facing at the time, with a fully customizable platform.

“Rosnet is excited about the partnership we have established with the Corner Bakery Cafe organization,” adds Rosnet Director of Business Development, Patrick Bobrukiewicz. “We believe that our unique approach to partnership and our collaborative engineering team coupled with their brand strength and thought leadership will culminate in solutions that will enable Corner Bakery to simplify operations and increase profitability.”

Some of the key factors in ultimately deciding to implement Rosnet technology system-wide include the fact that the technology was founded by people with restaurant technology and operations backgrounds, with founder and CEO Gene Peters spending the majority of his career with Houlihan’s as the Director of Restaurant Systems. Rosnet also provides a Level 1 Helpdesk to the restaurant level that is highly responsive within the application to better support users navigate through the platform.

“With Rosnet implemented, we know that we will have improved visibility to the health and performance of the brand,” says Hicks. “We will have better processes at the unit level that provide better tools while relying less on administrative time. We look forward to improved decision making at both the unit and above-unit level.”

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