Lifeway Foods, Inc., makers of a nutritious, milk-based cultured beverage called kefir, announced today that its LowFat Vanilla Kefir will be sold to Cosi Restaurants starting next week.

Lifeway’s Vanilla Kefir will not be sold as a resale item; instead Cosi Restaurants, known for their convenient and fresh food, will mix the vanilla kefir with organic blueberries. The healthy combination named “Cosi Kefir” will be sold as a featured item in participating Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest regions where Cosi Restaurants are located.

Lifeway and Cosi say that the new beverage will be a great snack, dessert, or breakfast for people who crave a delicious, healthy option that is both filling and easy to eat on the run. Both have similar visions: to help health-conscious individuals who are looking for fresh, premium, and flavorful foods that are also convenient for hectic lifestyles. Lifeway satisfies this vision with their all-natural kefir and Cosi with their fresh sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

“We (Lifeway) will continue to expand into different avenues of foodservice,” says Julie Smolyansky, Lifeway Foods’ president and CEO. “Working with Cosi is our first attempt at food service, and we foresee great results.”

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