Costa Vida hired Executive Chef David Prows to create a menu that exploits the intense and diverse flavors of the Baja peninsula.

Chef Prows’ vast credentials and experience demonstrate Costa Vida’s dedication to providing a superb dining experience. Among other awards and credentials, Chef Prows is a Certified Executive Chef, a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), and Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs—a highly prestigious designation within the ACF.

“Other restaurants have their chief operating officer dictate their menu to make sure it fits within stringent cost guidelines. Here at Costa Vida, we let the real expert, our executive chef, create the menu. This ensures the best ingredients, flavors, and satisfying experience is served to our customers,” says Nathan Gardner, CEO of Costa Vida.

In addition to creating meals that are energizing and satisfying, Chef Prows is working to create a ground-breaking menu that includes all-natural, gluten-free ingredients to be conscious of food allergies and create healthy eating choices.

“When food is clean and crisp, you don’t need to use preservatives. By creating the right combination of cooking techniques and quality spices, I’m able to offer customers low-sodium food with bold flavor,” Prows says.

Chef Prows’ experience includes serving as executive chef at Gastronomy, Salt Lake Brewing Company, Delta Center, and Little America Hotel, but the fast-casual industry is proving to be an exciting challenge for Chef Prows.

“It’s a lot of fun being in the fast-casual restaurant business. I get to use my passion for cooking to help build a brand and grow a company—it’s awesome. This genre of food is moving so quickly, and I like the challenge of competing with other brands,” Prows says.

Chef Prows also recently served as chairman of the ACF Western Region Convention. Within this capacity, Chef Prows helped to organize and execute the largest culinary gathering in the state.

“It’s an honor to have Chef Dave join Costa Vida. His experience, insight, and passion for food distinguish Costa Vida as the leader in freshness and quality in the fast-casual marketplace,” Gardner says.