Could Calorie Disclosure Affect Your Business?

    Industry News | February 5, 2009
    A new survey conducted by foodservice consultants Technomic Inc. revealed that the mandated calorie disclosure for New York City restaurants with 15 or more units is affecting what items consumers order and which restaurants they visit.

    Technomic found that 86 percent of New York City restaurant-goers were surprised by the calorie count information now listed on menus or menu boards, with 90 percent of them claiming that the calorie count was higher than expected. As a consequence, 82 percent say that calorie disclosure is affecting what they order and 60 percent say it is affecting where they visit. The researchers also found evidence that suggests a high level of consumer support for mandated disclosure of fat and sodium content in restaurant foods.

    “Consumers find the calorie information on menus to be helpful,” says Bob Goldin, Executive Vice President. He adds that consumers want restaurants to offer more low-calorie options. Kathy Gaynor, Technomic’s study director, notes “consumers want the restaurant industry to respond more aggressively to nutritional concerns and are in favor of all levels of government playing a more active role in regulating restaurant menus.”

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