Wisconsin-based Cousins Subs recently launched a new company website (www.cousinssubs.com) to coincide with its new marketing campaign, “Better Bread. Better Subs. Better Day.”  The marketing campaign focuses on aggressive change and increased marketing investment, poising the company to grow by 10 percent annually.

“With the ‘Better Day’ marketing campaign successfully launching throughout our store branding and advertising, we recognized it also needed to be reflected through our guests’ online experience,” says Kyle McCormick, digital and social media manager at Cousins Subs. One of the main goals of the new design was to increase the length of time that visitors remain on the website. Since launching, the “bounce rate,” or rate of people leaving the site before spending at least 10 seconds viewing it, has decreased by almost 85 percent, successfully achieving this goal.
Among many other upgrades, new features include a streamlined option to order online, named “Click ‘n Eat.” “Online orders have increased nearly 100 percent since the new website launch,” McCormick says.  “We really wanted to focus on making the guest’s ordering process easier and quicker, and are pleased that we have accomplished just that.”
Also added is a menu dashboard that allows visitors one-click accessibility to all of the restaurant’s food offerings, in addition to nutritional information. Integrated social sharing found throughout the menu round out the online experience. “Improved navigation, new color schemes, and an overall warmer look and feel has attracted current and potential guests, helping to grow the brand.” McCormick says.
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