The largest collection of Happy Meal toys ever is hitting McDonald’s restaurants on Friday, October 13, 2000. Monster Crazy Bones, a larger version of the popular retail toys, are being introduced exclusively at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with over 800 varieties of toy color treatments and designs. There are 24 Crazy Bone characters that come in an array of different colors.

Customers can buy a Happy Meal at participating McDonald’s restaurants from October 13—November 2, and receive two Monster Crazy Bones, a collectible sticker card and an official Crazy Bones game with their meal, while supplies last.

“McDonald’s has teamed up with Toy Craze, Inc. to bring kids a different kind of toy,” said R.J. Milano, vice president of U.S. marketing for McDonald’s. “Kids can trade, collect and play any number of games with Monster Crazy Bones.”

Crazy Bones toys are based on a game historians discovered, where children in ancient Greece and Rome played with real sheep bones. Kids would clean and decorate the bones, then invent games around the way the bones land on the ground when thrown.

The Monster Crazy Bones are two-inch, plastic figurines specially designed for the McDonald’s Happy Meal program. Twelve of the toy characters will be based on the classic Crazy Bones series “The GoGos.” Another 12, all-new, Halloween-themed characters will be unveiled during the promotion.

“The number of games that can be played with Crazy Bones are limited only by a child’s imagination,” said Bill Flaherty, president of Toy Craze.

Toy Craze, Inc., a Cleveland based company established in 1998, was formed by a group of toy industry experts.


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