Creamistry—the California-based franchise specializing in customizable made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream using all-natural and organic ingredients—celebrates a remarkable year of brand growth both on the national and global scale, as well as the expansion of new menu offerings.

Here are a few quick scoops on all that Creamistry has accomplished in 2018:

  • Since the beginning of 2018, Creamistry opened 18 new stores, bringing the unit count to 60 total locations
  • Creamistry signed a major development deal with HZ America Corp., and opened the first Creamistry location in China
  • The brand introduced Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cashew Vegan Ice Cream Base, Bubble Waffles, and Ice Cream Cakes as permanent additions to the menu
  • In addition to the 200 locations in various stages of development, the brand signed new development deals calling for 11 additional locations

The company was recognized by Inc. Magazine on the annual publication’s annual 5000 list for fastest growing private companies ranked as #1012; the company was also ranked by Franchise Times magazine’s annual Top 200+ list as No. 488 of fastest growing franchises

“This year has been full of growth for Creamistry,” says Jay Yim, founder and CEO of Creamistry. “We are extremely proud of our new franchisees who have opened 18 new locations, our breakthrough into China to establish the first of many Creamistry locations, and our ever-expanding menu with four new staple items.”

The first half of 2019 shows the company has no plans of slowing down as there are approximately eight stores slated to open by the end of the second quarter. Additionally, the new ice cream cake menu item—which is currently only available at select locations—will launch system-wide within the first half of 2019. Next year guests will be able to enjoy ice cream in four different variations at any Creamistry across the country: Nitroshakes, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ice Cream Cakes, and ice cream in a cup or a cone.

Here’s how Creamistry works: Customers choose a portion size, then an ice cream base (Signature Premium, Organic, Vegan Coconut, Vegan Cashew, or Non-Dairy Sorbet) and one of 30+ flavors. Then the fun begins with the addition of premium toppings and upgrades including candies, cookies and cereal, fresh fruit, sauces, made-to-order waffles, and freshly baked brownies. Each scoop of ice cream is hand-crated and flash frozen using liquid nitrogen – a startling -321° F! Creamistry’s unique freezing process results in ice cream that is luxuriously rich and decadently creamy.

Yim was first introduced to the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream on the streets of South Korea in 2003. Born into a family of Korean bakers, Yim and his wife Katie, made their first batch of homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream with the help of his father as the quality control “chemist.” Over the next two years, the family experimented with over a hundred flavor combinations, the best of which eventually became an integral part of Creamistry’s menu.

“Not only have we been able to grow Creamistry’s footprint but we have pushed the envelope further with our new menu items and creations,” says Yim. “It is exciting to see how creative our menu has become with the customization of ice cream cakes, and inclusive with the addition of the Vegan Cashew Base. Being able to create a variety of flavors, in different edible forms and to provide options for various dietary needs – that’s what makes Creamistry so amazing and it encourages us to continue thinking outside the box.”

To augment the company’s growth, Yim is looking for franchisee partners who have a passion for customer service and have a strong business acumen. Including a franchise fee of $40,000, the initial investment to open a Creamistry franchise is $224,500-$576,500. The franchise fee for a second store is $30,000 and $20,000 for subsequent stores. The average store is about 1,000-1,500 square feet, seats 20-40 customers and employs approximately 20 full- and part-time people.

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