CrewSafe, division of Spellbound Development Group, Inc., introduced its new product, the Viper PRO. This is a multi-purpose cutting tool used to safely open bags, boxes, cut stretch wrap, packing tape and other materials and items.

The Viper PRO tool’s main purpose is to minimize the medical and legal expenses associated with cross contamination and food borne illnesses occurring in the food service, manufacturing and hospitality industries. This tool is NSF certified and uses FDA compliant food grade materials.

CrewSafe a division of Spellbound Development Group, Inc., is a global provider of smart and innovative safety solutions meeting the demands of today’s food service, convenience store, grocery, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and industrial organizations. It utilizes its powerful ideation and innovative thinking network, called the Power Of Many Minds (POMM), to generate innovative ideas, products, services and processes that are used toward solving client challenges.

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