The National Food Service Security Council (NFSSC), a professional trade association of loss prevention, risk management, safety, and security professionals from the restaurant and quick-service industries, announced today that CAP Index, Inc., the world leader in crime forecasting, has been named its official research partner.  As part of the organizations’ partnership, CAP Index will conduct several surveys of NFSSC’s membership, as well as provide and analyze industry-related research. 

NFSSC executives announced the news from the floor of the 32ndAnnual Conference, currently being held in Palm Springs, California. Simultaneously, NFSSC announced to its membership the findings of its inaugural CAP Index-commissioned study – the first of its kind in more than seven years – designed to measure and analyze the occurrence of crime among U.S. restaurants. 

“Our goal has always been to help our members identify and utilize the tools necessary to reduce crime at their establishments,” says Jim Forlenza, executive director of the NFSSC.  “With CAP Index’s expertise, we are taking an extra step forward, keeping our member locations as safe and secure as possible for employees and customers alike.”

In commenting on CAP Index’s partnership with NFSSC, Jon Groussman, president and COO of CAP Index, says, “CAP Index has enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with NFSSC members, offering loss prevention and crime mapping tools since CAP’s inception in 1988. As NFSSC’s official research partner, we look forward to conducting industry-specific research and providing actionable intelligence integral to the safety and security of restaurant and quick-serve restaurant chains nationwide.”

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