Devour, a digital cryptocurrency project enriching the lives of restaurant people and those who love them, is adding four new business advisors to its growing team. 

With extensive combined experience in the technology and restaurant industries, these advisors will help Devour shape its future, generate awareness, add expertise and credibility, and strengthen the brand’s connections with the greater community. 

Among those joining the Devour crew are: 

Michael Chen, Founding Operations Advisor 

Michael is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience as CEO and Managing  Partner for high-growth startups. He is currently the Co-Founder and President of Pokeworks, a  rapidly growing fast-casual restaurant brand. Michael also co-founded and served as CEO of  Nexus Brands Group (NBG), ranking on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list for  three straight years. In 2015, NBG was sold to a private equity firm where Michael remains a shareholder and advisor. 

Rick Elliott, Founding Technology Advisor 

Rick brings more than 20 years of software, technology, and product development experience in  the hospitality industry. As a Co-Founder of Brink Software, he co-created the first cloud-based  point of sale solution for restaurants. His work helped Brink POS go from a bootstrapped startup  to its acquisition by PAR Technology. Today, Brink POS is deployed in many of the industry’s  largest enterprise brands. 

Steve Heeley, Founding Community Advisor 

Steve is the CEO of Pokeworks. Prior to joining Pokeworks, Steve held the role of CEO at  Veggie Grill, where he spearheaded the growth of the plant-based, fast-casual concept through  rebranding and digital transformation. He has also held executive roles at Earl of Sandwich, Au  Bon Pain, and Baja Fresh. 

Jeffrey Kalt, Founding Community Advisor 

Jeffrey is a veteran of more than twenty-five years in the hospitality industry as a chef, operator,  innovator, and entrepreneur. Jeffrey worked with Elizabeth Blau on talent acquisition for Bellagio  and Wynn Las Vegas, in support of Todd English, Michael Mina, Paul Bartolotta and Jet Tila. 

Jeffrey was Co-Founder of Kitchen United and served as CEO for CaliBurger, the incubator of  the many CaliGroup technologies. Jeffrey is currently Founder|CEO of Soigne`.  

Shelly Rupel, Co-Founder and Developer of Devour, says the influx of talent and experience  provides her team with a unique level of support, especially as the brand continues growing its  digital offerings. 

“Since day one, our goal has been to create a vibrant, engaged community of restaurant  people,” Rupel explained. “We’re thrilled to be adding four passionate and creative advisors who  want to help us grow the brand, inject new ideas, and make a difference for the industry.” 

Chen says the timing is perfect for innovative brands like Devour to create lasting bonds  between the hospitality and digital worlds. 

“Devour has a unique offering that makes it the perfect partner for emerging restaurant brands,  no matter how big or small they are,” Chen said. “I’m excited to join the team alongside three  other talented individuals to help guide and take this project to the next level.” 

Launched in December 2021, the Devour brand has grown quickly, focusing its efforts on four  major segments, including developing a vibrant restaurant community, its Devour  cryptocurrency token, its soon-to-launch NFT (non-fungible token) collection, and the Devour  Foundation, a charitable effort aimed at helping restaurant workers and their families. 

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