Ctuit Software, a leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, announces that they have launched the Enterprise Report Designer (ERD) module, built specifically for RADAR. Giving their clients control over their own custom reporting needs, this new reporting option gives Ctuit clients access to a cost-efficient and faster solution to custom reporting. The ERD allows Ctuit RADAR clients to write their own reports with access to all of their polled data and metrics. Using the ERD, Ctuit clients can publish exclusive reports back to RADAR for access by their users, thus reducing costs and time for custom reports. Using the ERD to create data exports, which can then be used to create a local data warehouse at the client’s site, has been an invaluable feature to several of Ctuit’s larger restaurant chains already. Going beyond the many optional modules and traditional reporting options within Ctuit RADAR, the ERD is specifically designed for Ctuit RADAR clients who have programming resources in-house.


With well over $10 billion in sales in their database, Ctuit has been growing at a rate of 27 percent year-over-year for the past five years. Started in 2000, Ctuit has grown from a garage start-up to multi-office company supporting over 3,000 restaurant locations.