Ctuit Software, the leader in web and mobile solutions for restaurant management, unveiled a rebrand to underscore their modern approach to restaurant management. Core elements of the new brand include a new logo for Ctuit Software, as well as new logos for their three products, Radar, Ctuit Schedules, and OnTheFly. In addition, the rebrand provides a fresh and modern approach for the website and mobile experiences.

The new logo is modern and clean, but reminiscent of the original Ctuit logo created in 2000 when the company was founded. Ctuit had expanded far beyond the company’s original offering. With the company’s expansion and new products, Ctuit is emphasizing its three products: Radar, On The Fly and Ctuit Schedules. Their flagship product, Radar, provides management teams the business intelligence tool to quickly identify trends and operational issues. Ctuit also has a mobile device app, On The Fly, that delivers critical information to the users’ smartphone or tablet, giving owners and management easy access to data any time and anywhere. Their newest product, Ctuit Schedules, allows employees to add, drop, or swap shifts, message other employees and request time off. 

“We are passionate about keeping our software ahead of the curve and listening to our clients needs. These new logos are more strategically aligned with our innovative approach to restaurant software,” says Rob D’ Ambrosia, president and CEO of Ctuit Software.


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