Culver’s today announced that it has partnered with Kraft Foodservice to develop the first frozen custard-filled Oreo sandwich. The signature Oreo Frozen Custard Sandwich will join Culver’s’ dessert menu this summer, among other existing favorites like Oreo Sundaes, Oreo Concrete Mixers, and Oreo Concrete Cakes.

“We’re expanding our dessert menu to find new ways to tempt our guests’ taste buds,” says Chris Contino, Culver’s vice president of marketing. “We believe that combining the popularity of the Oreo cookie with our fresh, creamy custard is going to be a new summer favorite.”

Available in chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors, the Oreo Frozen Custard Sandwich is handmade in all Culver’s restaurants and will be added to the dessert menu starting July 14. Restaurants will offer the new treat at a recommended $1.99 each. Prices may vary by location.

Frozen custard is a premium ice cream made fresh throughout the day at Culver’s restaurants across the country. A special blend of cream and egg yolks distinguishes frozen custard from other premium ice creams and gives it its rich, velvety texture.

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