Culver's latest "Welcome to Delicious" TV spot, "Naturally Tender," is now airing and highlights Culver's all-natural, antibiotic-free Chicken Tenders.

Culver's Chicken Tenders original and Buffalo style are cooked to order and served hot and crispy, golden brown with guests' choice of sweet-and-sour, BBQ, honey mustard, or ranch dipping sauce.

"Anyone who's had Culver's chicken knows it's plump, juicy, and delicious. They might not know that they're called 'Tenders' because they come from the tenderloin of the breast," says Craig Culver, cofounder and CEO of Culver's.

"It's not a strip or a finger; it's a true tenderloin, hand-trimmed and cooked to order,” he says. “Also, the fact that they're fed a very healthy diet of grain and soy means a better-tasting product for our guests."

In this latest TV spot, Culver is paired with long-time supply partner, Sammy Franklin, a 25-year veteran poultry producer from family-owned Springer Mountain Farms in Georgia, to explain why the Culver's Chicken Tender is so plump, juicy, and tender.

A new segment in Culver's authentic "Welcome to Delicious" campaign, the TV spot highlights Culver's commitment to quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation.

In addition to the chicken tenders, Culver's chicken in its premium Grilled and Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and Garden Fresco and Chicken Cashew salads are made with the same all white meat from the most tender part of the chicken breast and free of all antibiotics.

Springer Mountain Farms is the only poultry company in the world to be American Humane Certified by the American Humane Association. This means that, besides being void of growth stimulants, chickens are never fed animal by-products; have access to clean water; live under conditions that limit stress; and have sufficient space, facilities, shelter, and resting areas.

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