Industry News | January 5, 2011

Culver's Will Help Customers Make 'Mindful Choices'

In an effort to increase awareness of its already established healthful menu options, Culver’s is launching a community-based Mindful Choices program aimed at promoting choice and dispelling the idea that eating at Culver’s is not a healthy option.

“Culver’s has always taken a proactive approach to providing nutritional information to our guests,” says Jim Doak, director of research and menu development at Culver’s. “For over 10 years we have fully disclosed our nutritional information in each restaurant and on our website. We believe living a healthy lifestyle starts with good information and the ability of each person to choose how and what they eat. We also provide a web-based meal builder on that allows anyone to customize a meal to their specific dietary needs.”

The campaign covers all of Culver’s 425 restaurants across 18 states. It involves community outreach to health care providers, fitness clubs, and corporate wellness programs, as well as in-restaurant education.

Mindful Choices will highlight a number of nutritional options Culver’s has always offered guests, including full meal examples that fall under 500 calories.

“There’s no question that Culver’s is a fast food chain with menu items that span the nutritional and caloric scales, but our goal through Mindful Choices is to continue to promote and develop healthful dining choices for our guests and to ensure that this information is clearly available to them,” Doak says.


Culver's is successful because they are true to Who they are.this is akin to marketing a Diet 1/2 LB Burger.Just keep making great food!!!

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