Show your customers some extra love with Curbhuggers.

Protecting your drive-up or pick-up customers for your restaurant business has never been more critical than it is today.

Make sure your new drive-thru customer’s first impression is not a big scrape or damage to their wheels. rims and tires from your unprotected curbs.

A simple, clean, and inexpensive solution that reduces the risk to your reputation and the hassle and expense of costly customer car repair liability.

The proprietary Curbhuggers wheel rim and tire damage protection system is easily installed and attached to concrete curbs. Keep your valued customer experience a positive and safe one. Curbhuggers also enhance the property appeal by eliminating unsightly black scuffed and damaged curbs while reducing curb repairs and maintenance

This innovative solution also helps protect your customer’s from potential suspension and brake system damage from the friction between the current curbs and wheel, rims and tires.  Curbhuggers come in 10’ lengths. The standard color is bright yellow, are available in custom colors to enhance your branding.

There are installation images and demonstration videos on the company’s web site, which is Free estimates are available online or by contacting